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About our products

We appreciate that your home is your greatest investment, and maintaining it can be an expensive business. But it's an investment in your property and will ensure your home retains its value.

The finest finish and long lasting results are guaranteed when you paint with Plascon's eight premium quality paint brands; namely Double Velvet, Cashmere, Velvaglo, Water Based Velvaglo, Bathrooms & Kitchens, Wall & All, Micatex and Nuroof Cool.

Since Plascon introduced its initial seven-year quality guarantee, the Premium Flagship Range has undergone extensive exposure tests in the harsh Southern African environment. Continuous technical advancements have enabled Plascon to confidently raise the bar on guarantees again. The guarantee on interior flagship paints have more than doubled, boasting a unique 15-year guarantee. Exterior flagship paints are guaranteed for an equally substantial 12 years.

The Plascon Premium Flagship range boasts several technological advances, such as the inclusion of Silver Protect™ in Plascon Double Velvet and Plascon Cashmere. Already an active ingredient found in Kitchens & Bathrooms, and Velvaglo Water-Based, Silver Protect™ inhibits the growth of bacteria, as well as mould and fungus, reducing the chances of discolouration and other damage caused by their growth. Double Velvet, Cashmere, and Kitchens & Bathrooms now come with a remarkable 15-year guarantee; and Velvaglo and Water Based Velvaglo have a 12-year guarantee.

Plascon Wall & All is known as supremely weather- and dirt-resistant. Now this longstanding brand comes formulated with a unique blend of hard and soft 100% acrylic polymers and a fungicide to ensure enhanced performance in dirt resistance, water vapour permeability and film elasticity. Plus, there's a remarkable 12-year guarantee for this exterior coating.

Plascon Micatex has truly stood the test of time. This well-loved coating just got even tougher, with the introduction of a new Leading Technology™ that will prevent fungal growth as well as the staining and damage associated with fungal attack. Micatex now comes with a 12-year guarantee.

Plascon also offers a 12-year Quality Guarantee on its premium-plus brand, Nuroof Cool, thanks to the unique Herotech formulation, Enviroshield™.

You can be assured that the technologically advanced Plascon products, coupled with thorough surface preparation and correct application, will leave your home protected and looking beautiful for longer.

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