Concrete spalling giving you a headache?

Our experience reveals that concrete spalling is a prevalent phenomenon - and, if not rectified, can have disastrous consequences for buildings. Fortunately, Coating Worx Professional Paint Contractors has the expertise and equipment to banish spalling, leaving concrete surfaces as good as new.

What is spalling concrete?

Using concrete in the construction of modern buildings is common. Concrete buildings are reinforced with steel, to support the structure. Hopefully, this steel is encased deep inside high quality concrete, which protects it from the harmful effects of the weather. Sometimes, though, corrosive elements, like water (or even salt, in coastal areas and acid rain in industrial areas), can find a pathway down to the steel reinforcers. As the steel slowly rusts, it causes deterioration in the concrete by pushing against it; the concrete begins to crumble away or crack (spall). The same phenomenon can be observed in nature, when water wears away rocks.

How to spot the signs of concrete spalling

Concrete spalling is also known as concrete cancer – once concrete spalling starts, it can become pervasive. Getting it in its early stages will give you the best shot at curing it. Look out for:

  • Rust stains appearing on a concrete surface are an early warning sign

  • Gradual chipping or flaking of the concrete’s surface layer signal that concrete cancer is spreading

  • Crumbling of a concrete structure signals an advanced case of concrete cancer.

How to protect concrete from wear and tear

If you suspect concrete spalling, or the signs of concrete spalling have become very obvious, get in touch with Coating Worx Professional Paint Contractors in your area right away. We’ll assess the severity of the problem and recommend an appropriate remedy. In most cases, the problem area must be mechanically removed (dug out or chipped away) back to sound substrata. The steel reinforcers are then treated for corrosion and concrete repairs carried out with low shrinkage concrete repair mortar.


2nd Apr 2015
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