Why employ a project manager?

Project managing painting or renovating a building can be a massive undertaking - made all the more complex if you already hold down a day job. A successful property makeover relies on slick project management, from sourcing suppliers and managing staff to ensuring that the project remains on track and on budget

Why make life difficult for yourself, when help is close at hand? You should hire a project manager to take care of painting and damp-proofing your house, townhouse development, commercial or industrial property. Here are some of the benefits of a project manager:

  • A professional project manager has specific expertise and experience, which you may not have

  • A project manager simplifies your life by providing you with a single point of contact

  • A project manager ensures projects are delivered on time by drawing up a schedule of works which sets out what is required and what happens when and by whom.

  • A project manager controls costs by preparing costings, comparing quotations and negotiating with suppliers

  • The project manager deals with snags – either technical or labour-related – ensuring that delays on your project are minimised.

Does Coating Worx offer project management services?

Yes, we do! Coating Worx undertakes full project management services, in addition to providing painting and damp proofing services. We can either utilise your own subcontractor or outsource on your behalf to approved and appropriate suppliers. In special circumstances, we may even honour a guarantee from a third party.

Commercial Painters

Remember, if you’re a Corporate or Managing Agent, you can benefit from partnering with us on a national level. Here’s how

To get the ball rolling on project management of your property renovation, contact Coating Worx now!

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