Coating Worx prides itself on providing cost-effective maintenance solutions, including commercial and domestic painting and damp-proofing for corporate clients, homeowners and Body Corporates. Now, we're going one step further - bringing you paint and damp-proofing products which are not only better for you, but better for the environment, too.

Did you know VOCs are implicated in SickBuilding Syndrome?

Emissions from Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), including those in the paint on our walls, may affect the environment and human health. Considering the time we spend in and around our buildings, it makes sense to opt for low VOC paint in your home, office block or townhouse complex.
Currently, South Africa has no legislation governing VOCs but leading paint manufacturers DULUX and PLASCON, preferred paint suppliers to Coating Worx, have introduced low VOC, eco-friendly paints, which conform to international standards and take into account rising consumer interest in green paint products and sustainable business practices.
Green Paint
DULUX has aligned itself with global VOC standards with their premium ranges of low VOC, water-based, lead-free paints which conform to EU directive 2004/42/EC and are aligned with the Green Star Rating of the Green Building Council of South Africa.
DULUX Trade Light and Space Paints make use of a groundbreaking technology –
Lumitec. Its super-reflective properties absorb less natural or artificial light, using 20% less light energy, thereby addressing energy consumption issues in interior spaces.
The DULUX Ecosure range provides high quality, long-lasting matt or silk finishes and provides complete coverage in just two coats.
The DULUX Trade Environmental Wash System is a unique system which allows for the washing of brushes, rollers and other painting tools in a way which greatly reduces environmental impact and uses less water in the process.
PLASCON has introduced green paints which ensure compliance with the highest international environmental standards and deliver industry best practice.
PLASCON Professional Evolution is a range of zero VOC and solvent-free interior paint products which go well beyond the guidelines set out by the Green Building Council of South Africa. PLASCON Evolution Paints deliver the same product performance expected of all PLASCON premium products with a full five-year guarantee. The range consists of a plaster primer, premium ceiling paint, premium satin and premium matt, as well as a premium water-based gloss.
PLASCON RemovALL is a new line of environmentally friendly products designed to prepare any surface prior to coating; wood, concrete, masonry and metals. It is water-based, non-toxic and consists of wood restoration products, surface cleaners and a wide range of coating removers. PLASCON RemovALL uses a patented selective adhesion release agent (SARA).
How do eco-friendly paints differ from solvent-based paints?
Eco-friendly paints are water-based, make use of as many locally sourced and natural raw materials as possible, are lead-free and have a lower carbon footprint.
Damp-proofing, the ‘green’ way
Thermo-sim® is the ultimate material for damp and waterproofing; and the only ‘green’ plaster of its kind in South Africa. Thermo-sim® is non-flammable, non-toxic and non-carcinogenic, with a 98% natural composition. By eliminating humidity and mould, Thermo-sim® creates comfortable and healthy living spaces. Its porous nature allows the underlying surface to breath; at the same time providing complete insulation against heat, cold and wet. Thermo-sim® is manufactured according to environmentally-friendly processes.
Coating Worx is committed to using green paints and damp-proofing products wherever possible. Contact us for further information or advice about painting your building the green Coating Worx way.
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