How to choose a painting contractor

Once you've decided that you'll hire a professional paint contractor to take care of your commercial or domestic painting, the next step is to find a reputable painter.

Here’s what you should look for in a painting contractor:

  • A reputable painting contractor has references – satisfied customers who can attest to the contractor’s quality of workmanship

  • A reputable painting contractor is professional and courteous – he returns phone calls or emails, is prompt with quotes, pitches up at site on time and is genuinely friendly and interested in doing business with you

  • A reputable painting contractor uses the best quality paints and tools available

  • A professional painting contractor offers a warranty or guarantee on their work

  • A professional painting contractor specifies the scope of work upfront – so there are no nasty surprises come the end of the project

  • A professional painting contractor ensures that your assets – plants, pots, floors and so on – are adequately protected for the duration of the project

How does Coating Worx match up?

Our professional reputation has made us a leading paint contractor in South Africa. . Here’s how our painting contractors go about the job:

  • We assess your needs

  • We determine the best product specification for the project

  • We consult with PLASCON or DULUX or an independent specifier, if necessary

  • We prepare a production schedule in accordance with your timing requirements

  • We develop a quality plan which allows you, Coating Worx, PLASCON or DULUX and an independent quality control assurance company to sign off at every stage of the project

  • If necessary, we submit a safety plan and appoint a safety officer

We execute the project according to specification, with your full participation throughout.

Commercial painting

We offer Corporates and Management Agents special benefits when they engage our paint contracting services at a national level.

You won’t find a better, more reputable painting contractor than us. Contact Coating Worx today.

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