When to use high pressure cleaners

Did you know that high pressure cleaners are a more sustainable method of cleaning grime, grease and hard-to-shift dirt than manual cleaning with a hose pipe? That's according to the European Cleaning Journal, a respected trade journal aimed at the European cleaning industry.

Here’s why the European Cleaning Journal recommends that you choose high pressure cleaning over traditional methods:

  • High pressure cleaning uses less water, since the same surface area can be cleaned in nearly half the amount of time than with a regular hosepipe

  • Reduced cleaning time results in savings in electricity and labour costs

  • High pressure cleaning reduces the need for chemicals.

So, next time you need to clean walls before painting, clean the roof or even clean the driveway, contact Coating Worx. Coating Worx Professional Paint Contractors are equipped with state-of-the-art Karcher high pressure cleaners. These highly efficient cleaners run with a rotating nozzle at 2500psi, resulting in super-clean walls – cleaned using hydroblasting techniques – roofs and driveways.


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