Painting Contracting Projects

Coating Worx undertakes domestic residential, body corporate, commercial, industrial and high rise building painting contracting projects. As well as public buildings such as churches, clinics, schools, libraries and other buildings. With our national footprint we able to undertake projects throughout South Africa and deploy staff as required.
  • Residential Painting

    For most people property is the most valuable asset they will own, without maintaining a property it will begin to lose its value so painting and renovating ones house makes sense both in terms of quality of life and in retaining the property value.
    • Body Corporate Painting

      Coating Worx has successfully completed many body corporate painting projects for established sectional title complexes including schemes with free standing, semi-detached and apartment blocks of units as well as the painting of newly built projects for property developers.
      • Commercial Painting

        Operating a business or commercial activity from well maintained and attractive commercial premises is important for a businesses branding and for developing a positive public perception of a business, it also provides for a pleasant work environment for employees.
        • Industrial Painting

          Undertaking painting contracting projects on industrial sites most often requires extra vigilance with regards worker safety and adherence to the clients specific site safety and operational protocols. We understand the importance of adhering to client safety procedures and protocols when working in industrial environments.
          • High Rise Building Painting

            The painting of high rise buildings is one of the most complex and dangerous undertakings for any painting contracting company due to the inherent risks of working at heights and the potential for serious injury if adequate safety precautions and effective project planning is not implemented.
            • Public Building Painting

              Coating Worx has undertaken many painting projects on public buildings such as churches, exhibition centres, hospitals, clinics, schools, colleges, universities, libraries and other government and municipal buildings.