Concrete Spalling Repair

  • Exposed rebar on corner of building with spalling concrete damage

Coating Worx provides expert concrete spalling repair services in Durban KZN, Cape Town Western Cape, Johannesburg Gauteng - South Africa

Concrete structures are often vulnerable to concrete spalling caused by corrosion of the steel reinforcement within the concrete. If left untreated it can have disastrous consequences, Coating Worx are experts in repairing and restoring damaged concrete.

Spalling occurs when corrosive elements such as water, salt or acid penetrates the concrete over time and causes corrosion of the internal steel reinforcing. Spalling is prevalent in concrete buildings in coastal areas due to salt and also in industrial areas due to the higher acidic content in rainfall.

As the steel reinforcing corrodes it expands and places increasing pressure on the surrounding concrete which leads to crumbling and cracking of the concrete. This results in a deterioration of the structural integrity of the concrete which if left untreated can result in catastrophic failure.

It is therefore imperative that concrete spalling is properly repaired by those with expertise in concrete spalling repair and treatment to ensure the structure remains structurally sound.  


Why choose Coating Worx for concrete spalling repair?
  • We only use the best products in the market.
  • We are endorsed by SIKA
  • Our staff are all highly trained & Experienced
  • Effective project management & site supervision
  • Safety regulations are to NOSA standards
  • Each contract is issued with a unique safety plan
  • Teams are fully equiped with personal protective equipment
  • Teams all have working at heights training 
  • We guarantee all our work for quality of product & workmanship


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