High Pressure Cleaning

  • Worker using high pressure cleaner on factory roof

Coating Worx provides high pressure cleaning in Durban KZN, Cape Town Western Cape, Johannesburg Gauteng - South Africa.
Surface preparation is an important factor in any painting project and often requires the removal of grime and dirt that has built up on surfaces over time. High pressure cleaning provides a highly efficient and quick way to ensure a surface is clean and ready for surface preparation.
Another advantage of high pressure cleaning is that it reduces the need for chemicals or other cleaning agents.
All Coating Worx teams are equipped with professional standard high pressure cleaners and trained in the correct use thereof thereby eliminating the potential for injury or damage to property. 
Whether it is required as part of surface preparation prior to painting or simply as means to clean walls, roofing or other surfaces we are able to provide high pressure cleaning services to meet customer requirements.
Why choose Coating Worx for high pressure cleaning?
  • Our staff are all highly trained & Experienced
  • Effective project management & site supervision
  • Safety regulations are to NOSA standards
  • Each contract is issued with a unique safety plan
  • Teams are fully equiped with personal protective equipment
  • Teams all have working at heights training 
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